New technologies also in Warmia and Mazury

Economic potential of the Warmia and Mazury region was thoroughly discussed at the conference "Innovative Warmia and Mazury. Healthy life - pure profit", which took place on 16 November in Warsaw.

Apart from the Marshal of the province, the meeting, held at the headquarters of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, was attended by representatives of large foreign and domestic companies representing various sectors: consulting, real estate, pharmaceuticals, hotel, furniture manufacturing and wood processing or catering. The representatives of trade departments of selected foreign embassies in Poland, parliamentarians and media representatives also joined the discussion about the economic potential of Warmia and Mazury.

- Our region has been associated primarily with nature, tourism and leisure - said Gustaw Marek Brzezin, the Marshal of the Warmia-Mazury - This hasn't changed. However, we are changing our image. We strive to demonstrate our economic values. We have good reasons to do this according to the provisions of Europe 2020, a strategy for socio-economic development of the European Union. We are proud of industries related to furniture manufacturing and wood processing, which constitute absolute forefront not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Production of healthy food and the water economy sector is also developing here. Warmia and Mazury boasts a rapidly growing IT sector as well. Further evolution is impossible without innovation. Hence the idea of today's meeting.

In the Province of Warmia and Mazury we have numerous facilities that are not available in other regions, even those richer ones. With the Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone and its counterpart in Suwałki, entrepreneurs have access to developed, well-connected areas and tax reliefs. Exemption from taxes is also obtainable in selected municipalities and the local governments support the organization and financing of trainings.

Entrepreneurs from Warmia and Mazury may benefit from the support under the Regional Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury (ROP WM), Smart Growth Operational Programme (SGOP) and the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland (OP EP). RP itself is 1.7 billion euro. The development of entrepreneurship is being supported by the improvement of transport throughout Warmia and Mazury. Modernization of national road No. 7, expressway No. 51 and the reconstruction of the national road No. 16 are underway. Modernization works are also being performed on four important regional railway lines (Działdowo-Nidzica, Gutkowo-Braniewo, Olsztyn-Ełk through Korsze/Kętrzyn and through Pisz. Since the beginning of 2016 the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport has been successfully operating in Szymany.

- Investors who want to get quick access to comprehensive information concerning the economic and legal environment of investment and also get assistance in finding suitable partners, suppliers or location, can rely on the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency - partner to the conference - emphasizes Tomasz Pisula, CEO of PAIiIZ. - Warmia and Mazury is a perfect example that you can combine beauty of nature with the new technologies sector. But I have to admit, it's all about the right ideas.

During the panel discussion the participants talked about how the local government supports local projects. It was attended by Gustaw Marek Brzezin with Piotr Grzymowicz, Witold Wróblewski and Tomasz Andrukiewicz, namely the presidents of the three largest cities in the region - Olsztyn, Elbląg and Ełk, respectively.

Representatives of regional institutions who presented their own innovative solutions shared their experience.

The conference was organised by the Marshal's Office of Warmia and Mazury Province and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. Olsztyn Science and Technology Park served as a partner to the event.


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the
Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury for the years 2007-2013.

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