Smart specialisations of the region

Warmia and Mazury – famous for their unique natural assets – blend the potential of place with the potential of people, thus creating perfect conditions for a dynamic economic development. The strong points of the Province are exploited in the development of the region, especially in the fields of three smart specialisations specified in the Province Development Strategy: “water economy”, “wood and furniture industry” and “high quality food”.



Water constitutes slightly over 20 per cent of the territory of the Province of Warmia and Mazury, placing the region with the first rank in the country. No wonder that Warmia and Mazury, also known as the “Land of Thousand Lakes”, take water as the foundation for the future of the region’s economy.

The recent years have been marked with a particularly dynamic development of tourist infrastructure: eco-friendly marinas have been established, ready to accept thousands of sailors. The whole region sees also the construction of luxurious hotels with SPA & Wellness facilities, among others Krasicki Hotel in Lidzbark Warmiński, Galery 69 Hotel in Dorotowo near Olsztyn, Masuria Hotel in Worliny or Marina Golf Club Hotel in Siła near Olsztyn.

The region is known for the manufacture of yachts, boats and related services. Mazury is the seat of such companies as Delphia Yachts from Olecko, one of the top Polish producers of sail yachts (it manufactures over 150 sail yachts and 1000 motor yachts yearly, which are supplied mainly to the markets of Western Europe). Other yacht manufacturers operating in the region are among others Northman from Węgorzewo and Ostróda Yacht from Ostróda.


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Forests, covering nearly 1/3 of the Province territory, have for a long time constituted an enormous wealth of Warmia and Mazury. The strength of the furniture and wood industries is reflected in pure numbers: the manufacture of furniture is provided by more than 1.1 thousand companies that employ over 12 thousand people, which gives us the highest ratio in Europe; we take the third place among the regions of the European Union in the production of wood veneered sheets, plywood, laminated boards, particle boards and wooden boards; the production of other wooden products and goods made of cork, straw and plaiting materials is the domain of 1450 entities, giving us the fourth place among the regions of the EU; over 1.1 thousand enterprises are in the business of forestry and acquisition of wood (seventh place in the EU); and we are eighth in the production of wooden packaging among the EU states.

Not only does the region provide material and half-finished products, it also hosts factories supplying ready-made goods: Ikea Group in Wielbark and Lubawa, Mazurskie Meble Trade in Olsztyn, DFM – Dobromiejska Fabryka Mebli in Dobre Miasto or Szynaka Meble in Lubawa.


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The Province of Warmia and Mazury is home to about 26 thousand small and medium farms supplying natural, traditional and ecological food based on their own produce. The network is developing more and more dynamically – currently every eleventh ecological farm in Poland is based in the Province of Warmia and Mazury (which gives us the second place in the country), and nearly 15 per cent of agricultural fields, covered with the inspection system in ecological farming, have been located within our region. The ecological wealth of Warmia and Mazury is the basis for companies producing food and beverages – there are 900 of those operating in the region.

The biggest food industry entities who have invested in Warmia and Mazury include an American meat producer, Smithfield Food (Morliny-Ełk, Ekodrob Iława) and Heineken (Dutch brewery). Other enterprises operating here include among others Indykpol (Olsztyn, producer of meat and turkey products), Mazurskie Miody (Tomaszkowo, bee products), Polmlek Group (Lidzbark Warmiński, producer of milk and dairy products) and Tymbark (Olsztynek, producer of juice and still beverages).

The region has developed a strong specialisation around food production, which currently achieves significant international successes and which also constitutes the science and research basis for many entrepreneurs. Future food engineers study at the University of Warmia and Mazury, and Olsztyn is the seat of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, one of the top academic institutions in the region.


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Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the
Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury for the years 2007-2013.

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