Incentives for Investors

Special economic zones operating in Warmia and Mazury offer the most attractive public aid in the country for pursuing business activity:

tax reliefs, administrative facilitations and professional advisory services within economic zones and science parks.

There are two special economic zones operating in the Province: Warmia and Mazury Zone and Suwałki Region Zone.



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Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone

It takes an area of nearly 1057 ha, located in 30 subzones intended for economic investments.

74 enterprises operate here (among them such renown ones as Michelin Polska S.A. and LG Electronics Mława); they created 9.3 thousand new jobs; the hitherto capital expenditures in the zone amount to 3.7 billion zloty.

The zone offers a wide range of developed investment areas and the highest level of public aid in the country offered to investors as considerable income tax reliefs.

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Suwałki Region Special Economic Zone

Within the zone in Warmia and Mazury there are two subzones: Ełk and Gołdap. Currently, the Zone in Suwałki Region belongs to the best prepared economic areas in Poland in terms of infrastructure, and to the fastest developing ones.

The hitherto capital expenditures amount to more than 2.1 billion zloty; 6500 new jobs were created.

The range of public aid for the investments executed in the zone equals to: 50% in the case of large enterprises, 60% for medium enterprises and even 70% for small enterprises.

The zone of 375 ha is located in the direct vicinity of the border with Russia, Lithuania and Belarus, thus being a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe.

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It pays off to invest in the Warmia and Mazury region - You can find out by using our foreign investment calculator.

our calculator includes a comparison of labor costs (which are much lower in the Warmia and Mazury region than in other regions of Poland and the EU) and tax exemptions, which are exceptionally favorable in Warmia and Mazury. In the case of labor costs, we have taken into account the number of workers in three different categories related to their job position and the nature of their work, while in the case of tax relief we have taken into consideration the size of the enterprise.

Just fill out the appropriate fields to find out how much you can save by locating your investment in the Warmia and Mazury region.

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Science Parks
Three modern science and technology parks have been established in Warmia and Mazury for innovative enterprises applying cutting-edge technologies as well as for research companies whose activity will be a perfect foundation for the development of innovative initiatives in the region:


Olsztyn Science and Technology Park

A facility established with innovative enterprises in mind, who apply cutting-edge technologies as well as research companies whose activity will be a perfect foundation for the development of innovative initiatives.A modern complex of 6 buildings creating the Park was founded on nearly 20 hectares of the city grounds. Currently, 60 companies operate within the Park.

The Park consists of the Science Park (that is a place for enterprises well-established in the market), the Entrepreneurship Incubator (a place where newly established innovative companies may conduct their business and their development is supported) and the Technology Transfer Centre (a place where scientific research on new technologies, their application and implementation is carried out).

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Elbląg Science Park
It consists of nearly 70 ha of investment area located in the northern part of the city, within the territory of Modrzewina, one of the most attractive districts of Elbląg.

The investment area is divided into 6 sub-parks intended for economic activity. A separated area of around 30 ha is designated for a golf course.
The modern technology centre provides entrepreneurs with a possibility to rent available areas and office space, as well as to use the infrastructure and professional advisory services, technology transfer and aid in acquiring funds, including those from the EU. The park offers top quality office space.
The heart of the Elbląg Science Park is the Centre of Business Development and Innovations (CBRI). It includes Research and Development Centres providing services for entrepreneurs: the Metallurgy Centre, the Environmental Quality Centre, the Information Technology Transfer Center, and the Centre for Wood Technology and Furniture.

An important asset of the Elbląg Science Park is the fact that almost 30 ha of its surface have been incorporated in the borders of Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone. Currently, 27 companies operate within the Park.

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Ełk Science and Technology Park
23 ha of fully developed investment areas.

It includes the Logistics and Services Centre, the Research Development and Education Centre with Laboratory, the Entrepreneurship Incubator and the Technology Incubator. Special preference in the selection of companies carrying out their business within the Ełk Science and Technology Park will be provided for enterprises aimed at modern technologies. Currently, 12 companies operate within the Park.

The companies operating in the park are mainly of innovative nature and apply modern technologies in their activity; they are both from the sector of services and production. The Ełk Science and Technology Park offers fully equipped office space, exhibition and conference rooms, as well as services of a “virtual office”, advisory and training, and legal advice.
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Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the
Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury for the years 2007-2013.

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