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Demographic statistic:
- Warmia and Mazury are a region featuring very good demographic rates, and with the percentage of people at working age exceeding the national average. There are 1.44 million people living in the Province, 840 thousand of whom are at working age (which is a result better than the national average), and 312 thousand people are at pre-working age.

- the people creating the labour market in Warmia and Mazury are young and economically active, the largest group in the labour market is formed by people at 24 – 44, the rate of economically active ones is close to the national average and constitutes 48.6% of the total population of the Province (meaning nearly 600 thousand people);

- the Province is characterised by a high supply of labour force, especially in the group of young people (at the age of 18 – 34); the unemployment level in the region since 2006 has been successively dropping and is very differentiated.


Staff resources, education:
- investors may exploit the potential of more than 115 thousand young people learning in upper secondary schools – general education and technical schools, or vocational schools, as well as those studying at tertiary schools and in professional training institutions; the number of pupils of upper secondary and vocational schools is nearly 65 thousand, the number of graduates – 19.3 thousand;

- the potential of the labour market of Warmia and Mazury is created by nearly 36 thousand students learning at 15 tertiary schools and 12 thousand graduates; the most important academic centres of the region include above all the University of Warmia and Mazury, educating 25,3 thousand students at 67 majors (including 5 strategic majors ordered by the National Research and Development Centre: environmental protection, currently attended by 627 students; chemical engineering with 48 students, IT with 180 students; construction engineering with 192 students; biotechnology).

- investors may expect the availability of graduates with a very good command of English, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian.


Low labour costs:
Warmia and Mazury belong to the regions with the lowest labour costs in the country: an average salary amounts to PLN 3412,37 gross; the average salary in the enterprise sector is by 17% lower than the average one in Poland, 43% lower than in the Province of Mazowsze, 24% lower than in the Province of Śląsk, 22% lower than in the Province of Pomorze.





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our calculator includes a comparison of labor costs (which are much lower in the Warmia and Mazury region than in other regions of Poland and the EU) and tax exemptions, which are exceptionally favorable in Warmia and Mazury. In the case of labor costs, we have taken into account the number of workers in three different categories related to their job position and the nature of their work, while in the case of tax relief we have taken into consideration the size of the enterprise.

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Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the
Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury for the years 2007-2013.

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