Executed Investments


Atlas of Warmia and Mazury

The system provides access to information about the region published on the maps. The information may be helpful in finding areas attractive from the investment perspective, determining the impact of the investment location on the development of urban and agricultural zones and the impact of the population growth on the development of urban and rural areas, or specifying initially the complexity of conducting the investment (e.g. a road investment) arising out of the land ownership structure within the given territory.

Atlas of Warmia and Mazury may be of support in making decisions in such areas as spatial planning, environmental protection, agriculture, health care, natural resources management, crisis management, telecommunications or transport.



 eko mikolajki

 Construction of Eco-Marinas in Mazury

The recent years have been marked with a particularly dynamic development of tourist infrastructure: within the area of Great Masurian Lakes several eco-friendly marinas have been established, ready to accept thousands of sailors: in Węgorzewo, Wilkasy, Mikołajki, Kamień, Korektywa, Pisz, Mrągowo, Zalew, Siemiany, Iława and Ryn. The project is of enormous significance for Mazury which attract sailors from the country and from abroad, as it allows not only for the sailing tourism development but also for the application of comprehensive ecological solutions. The eco-marinas enable the collection of solid and liquid waste, as well as access to a sanitary unit.

In 2011 also an eco-marina in Giżycko, at Lake Niegocin, currently the biggest yacht port in Mazury, was opened. 138 vessels may moor to the eco-marina, and the sailors have access to electricity and water. The port is furnished with a wastewater and solid waste collection system from vessels.






Road Investments

The recent years in the Province of Warmia and Mazury have been a period of reconstruction and redevelopment of roads, including the most important one: expressway no. 7 connecting Warsaw with Gdańsk, running among others through: Nidzica, Olsztynek, Ostróda, Pasłęk and Elbląg. The investment at the sections of Nidzica – Olsztynek (including the Olsztynek bypass) and Miłomłyn – Pasłęk – Elbląg (including the Elbląg bypass) have been already completed. The plans envisage also the redevelopment of further sections of expressways no. 7 and no. 51 (Olsztynek – Olsztyn), and in the nearest years the construction of the bypass of the region’s capital city, Olsztyn.

View the map of construction progress of the region’s main roads

At the same time, the Province Roads Authority is executing two large EU-projects for improving the communications network in the south-western and northern part of the Province of Warmia and Mazury.



baza rsu

Regional Service System – the InnoWaMa Network

The network gathers the best business environment institutions in the region (foundations, associations, agencies, R&D facilities, financial institutions, loan funds, etc.); they are open to innovations and act for the benefit of information flow between R&D area and SMEs.




Regional IT Centre

It is an investment of the University of Warmia and Mazury. The tasks of the centre include among others: providing the University employees and students with efficient access to the domestic and worldwide network resources; providing access to software and technologies of large processing capacity to support scientific research and teaching processes; providing IT resources for the needs of telemedicine development in the region.



Centrum Biznesu Rozwoju i Innowacji 2

Construction of science parks

Currently there are three modern science parks operating in the region: in Elbląg, in Ełk and in Olsztyn, established among others to support innovative enterprises applying cutting-edge technologies, and research enterprises whose activity will be a perfect starting point for the development of innovative initiatives on the territory of the region.

Read more about the possibilities of co-operation with science parks




Construction of the regional airport in Szymany

The airport is located 10 km from Szczytno and 58 km from Olsztyn. The airport is accessible by road no. 5 (Szczytno – Wielbark section) or by railway Szczytno – Wielbark.

The airport is to be opened in 2016. By that time the plans include among others extending the runway, constructing roads and a new terminal. Also the existing buildings will be altered.

The launch of the regional airport in Szymany will enhance the communications availability of the region and reduce the journey time to Warmia and Mazury: the region will be accessible within only a few hours from every single part of Europe. The management of the company has been already determining the demanded flight destinations. They will include mainly the airports operated by network carriers, where passengers will have an extensive offer of connections at their disposal.



Construction of the broadband network

The object of the project for over 300 million zloty is the construction of a broadband network on the territory of the Province providing the dwellers, public institutions and economic entities from the Province with the access to the Internet and colocation services of sewage system and installations. The network with 226 nods will have the total length of over 2.2 thousand km and will cover almost a half of the region’s area. Moreover, the network constructed under the project in connection with the range offered by the already acting operators will allow over 90% of the Province population to achieve a broadband Internet access.


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the
Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury for the years 2007-2013.

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